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30 Local Directory Submissions

  • Manual Submissions
  • Full Report
  • Delivery time 7-14 days
  • Price: $29.99

100 Local Directory Submissions

  • Manual Submissions
  • Full Report
  • Delivery time 7-14 days
  • Price: $69.99

200 Local Directory Submissions

  • Manual Submissions
  • Full Report
  • Delivery time 7-14 days
  • Price: $120

Local Directory Submissions And Citations

Max. Available citations:

  • UK 240 Citations
  • Australia 120 Citations
  • Canada 120 Citations
  • USA 350 Citations
  • 15 For Other Countries

Getting your website (especially your “money pages”) listed with online directories is a major piece of the search engine optimization puzzle, one of the most proven effective link building strategies in use today – and also quite a bit of heavy lifting if you have to go through the process of submitting your links to local directories and generating citations all on your own.

With the help of our local directory submission service, however, you don’t have to worry about having to handle the tedious process of SEO directories submission, local directories submissions, or local citations build-out on your own any longer.

Let us handle this time intensive project for you while you reap all the rewards this link generating approach can provide!

Manual Submission

Automated local directories submission services promised to make this process as simple and as straightforward as possible, literally putting things on autopilot – but these kinds of services do not tell you that the overwhelming majority of the links that they generate with this approach and up rejected and actually hurt your search engine optimization / link building strategies significantly in the short and long-term.

With our manual directory submission service each link is submitted to directories individually, and all of our staff members have been trained to follow submission guidelines to the letter so that your credibility – and your overall link building effort – is never compromised.

Only High PR Directories Make Our Cut

When you choose to take advantage of our SEO directories submission service we make sure that your links are going to be submitted to high PR directories in the first place.

Our list directories is constantly being updated and refreshed, with different directories prioritized or deep prioritized depending on how they have been built and how they have grown in prominence over time. We make sure that your link building efforts are only move forward with the most effective directories online today, providing you just as much “link juice” as possible rather than taking a shotgun style approach to spreading your content willy-nilly and ineffectually.

Full Reporting on Submissions

While we have built a rock solid reputation in the link building strategy arena we understand the importance of reporting, which is why we provide full reporting from top to bottom on all of the local directory services, local citations buildout and manual directory submission services we provide.

You will be able to see exactly which kinds of directories we submitted your links to, exactly how often we submitted these links and how many were created, as well as how effective these local directory submissions and local citations for your traffic generation efforts.

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