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EDU & GOV Backlinks

What are .edu backlinks and why .edu backlinks are better than regular backlinks?

.EDU backlinks are links from an educational institution, usually universities pointing towards a particular site. They can also be defined as links from a site which has a domain name ending with .edu.

The give the site more credibility, search engines also give them a higher rating and any site with an .edu backlink is valued very highly in the internet marketing circles.

The site with such backlinks is also respected and perceived to have information which is so supreme, reliable, worthy, and must have been generated out of honesty. Sites extended with the .edu are usually authority sites with a lot of valuable information, not only about the institution but other important issues affecting the whole world. The government restricts these .edu domains and that is why they are not available for sale.

Therefore, to have a link from an educational institution improves the profile of any site and makes it of high standing with content that is considered to be of much finer than those of its counterparts. Educational sites normally have thousands of links pointing towards them because they give information to many people but link to other sites sparingly.

The only other links that have similar characteristics as those of the .edu backlinks are the .gov backlinks which are also from government establishments.

Why EDU backlinks are better than regular backlinks?

EDU web sites usually have more information and content used to inform the public or any other person searching the web. They generate more traffic because people often use the search engines for information and conducting research activities. These sites are considered to be well established and have very important information. EDU Backlinks increase a web site rank faster than non .edu backlinks such as .com, .net, and .org.

Since the government controls them you would not just find any establishment with a domain ending with .edu. Therefore it is very important for a website to have an .edu backlinks because it improves the value of the site greatly.